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Distributed Commerce Means Higher Demands on Fulfillment

One of our partners, HSN, has recently posted about their vision and strategy for the world of Distributed Commerce. They are proposing that buyers desire and are willing to buy any product at any time.  They fully embrace this direction for their organization and we agree that the market is moving in this direction.  From… Read more »

Treat Fulfillment Just Like Your Payroll

Today over 40% of all small to medium sized businesses outsource their payroll.  This evolution to payroll outsourcing has been occurring for the last few decades and most individuals immediately understand the value of making this transition for their business. We believe fulfillment is in the early stages of a very similar important migration –… Read more »

Is Multichannel Fulfillment in your Future?

According to Supply Chain Brain you really don’t have a choice – multichannel fulfillment support is here and only getting bigger. Let’s use Supply Chain Brain’s quote from Joe Vernon to set the stage for defining what multichannel fulfillment means. Multichannel fulfillment can be defined as optimizing the supply chain’s capabilities to simultaneously receive and… Read more »

Order Fulfillment Made Easy With New Shopify Integration

Shopify is one of the fastest growing online e-commerce platforms. They make the building of an online store simple to where you can be selling in a matter of minutes.   Shopify has opened up their technology platform and partner program to a few select warehouse and fulfillment partners.  We’re excited that PMA Fulfillment is an… Read more »

Enhanced Your Fulfillment Services with Targeted Customers

If you’ve ever met with a marketing person they continually talk about target customers, target profiles and target segments. This is all about matching their marketing messages and campaigns with the type of individuals that are likely to buy their products. Should you target fulfillment and warehouse locations with your clients, we think you should… Read more »

Magento Integration with Warehouse Order Fulfillment Center Services

Integrating a fulfillment center with your e-commerce website solution is a critical operational milestone for all successful online sellers. There are hundreds of online solutions for selling products but one of the most popular is Magento, as noted by Softpedia in their recent article. With close to 250,000 domains using Magento, PMA Fulfillment created a… Read more »

Arizona Entrepreneur Uses Arizona’s Fulfillment Center Leader

A recent article in the Phoenix Business Journal highlighted a local entrepreneur and how they are bringing a new product to market. It is clear from the interview with the CEO that keeping the supply chain activities within Arizona was an important aspect of their business plan. For many entrepreneurs they may not realize the… Read more »

Fulfillment Simplified with PMA’s Shopify Integration

All businesses want to take advantage of the fast growth in e-commerce business volumes worldwide. Online selling is a channel that drives additional revenues and reaches new customers. The allure of a new way to sell with seemingly low costs seems like a simple decision. However, we caution clients from small start-ups to large multi-nationals… Read more »

Rising Logistics Cost Means Review Time

Recent articles on the economy are indicating the likelihood for increases in logistics costs for most organizations. According to a post on, this talk is turning into reality. Often we’re asked when the best time is for an organization to look to an outsourced fulfillment partner. Our answer is may surprise you; it is… Read more »