Enhanced Your Fulfillment Services with Targeted Customers

Posted on August 20, 2015 by

If you’ve ever met with a marketing person they continually talk about target customers, target profiles and target segments. This is all about matching their marketing messages and campaigns with the type of individuals that are likely to buy their products. Should you target fulfillment and warehouse locations with your clients, we think you should consider it.

Let’s use the U.S. Hispanic population as an example. The majority of these individuals are located in the Southwest portion of the United States; percentages of county populations are noted in the image below.

Hispanic Target


If your products are designed to appeal to this example demographic, it may make sense to base your fulfillment and warehouse assets in the Southwest U.S. to enhance the service you provide to these highly valued clients. How could this change impact your business?

  • Improved Delivery. A fulfillment warehouse center located in Arizona or New Mexico provides one day access to the majority of this target market.
  • Reduced Shipping Costs. The majority of buyers will reside within close shipping zones that can reduce your shipping cost on every order.
  • Reduced Operating Costs. Fulfillment services, internal or through a outsource provider, are proven to be lower in states that such as New Mexico, Arizona or Texas which don’t have the high cost of living and the regulation burden of most coastal states.

Linking your marketing strategy with your fulfillment services may lead to happier customers and an immediate improvement to your bottom line results. It might be time for the marketing and fulfillment teams discuss the possibilities of synchronizing their efforts.