Fulfillment Simplified with PMA’s Shopify Integration

Posted on July 30, 2015 by

All businesses want to take advantage of the fast growth in e-commerce business volumes worldwide. Online selling is a channel that drives additional revenues and reaches new customers. The allure of a new way to sell with seemingly low costs seems like a simple decision. However, we caution clients from small start-ups to large multi-nationals that this decision isn’t only about opening a new sales channel – you need a plan to integrated operations to effectively support this channel. To address some of the operational challenges, we have created a number of integrations for e-commerce systems that make the sales to fulfillment process easier to set-up and manage.

One of the most popular ways to sell online is via a website commerce system that creates the “shopping cart” to complete purchases. Shopify is one of the fastest growing and leading providers for small to large customers with their shopping cart solution. This simple-to-use engine provides all the functionally you will need to merchandise and sell your products. Given its popularity, we created a “connector” to our proprietary PiMA integration platform, specifically built for e-commerce fulfillment.   Once the integration is completed, our client’s orders are immediately sent to our warehouse management system for processing.


A typical installation can be completed in less than an hour and we’ll be ready to test the ordering process. A “quick to customer” fulfillment process is a requirement for online consumer purchases to stay competitive with larger organizations such as Amazon or WalMart. Once the order is placed via the shopping cart, PMA will provide complete access and monitoring to the status of the order. We also allow a client to set up alerts and notifications to manage through peak periods, inventory issues or other important thresholds.

Our PiMA integration supports numerous e-commerce providers without any customization. However, there are hundreds of these types of commerce apps. To address this large number of providers, we’ve built the integration to provide the flexibility to support just about any option from free open-source options to very customized enterprise systesms.

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