Magento Integration with Warehouse Order Fulfillment Center Services

Posted on August 9, 2015 by

Integrating a fulfillment center with your e-commerce website solution is a critical operational milestone for all successful online sellers. There are hundreds of online solutions for selling products but one of the most popular is Magento, as noted by Softpedia in their recent article. With close to 250,000 domains using Magento, PMA Fulfillment created a real-time integration to streamline the order and fulfillment process for our clients.

Softpedia Magento Chart






Source: Softpedia

Operational value is provided by a direct real-time connection to a fulfillment system. This integration provides numerous benefits to the operating team.

  • Response Times. The ability to provide immediate placement of orders and updates as they move through the fulfillment process allows your organization to improve your delivery and response times to your clients.
  • Review of all Entry and Updates. A manual or batch integration of your orders won’t provide for the review to understand where they may be in the fulfillment process. The ability to review and receive updates will allow your team to be highly responsive to your clients.
  • Inventory Control. Understanding the exact inventory changes for every product as they are processed will provide management the ability to operate the production or sourcing of products more effectively during peaks and valleys in selling cycles.
  • Alerts and Notifications. Programmed alerts and notifications will allow your management and operating teams to focus on other activities to grow your business through an exception management approach.

The Magento fulfillment warehouse connector working inside of our PiMA integration has demonstrated a significant improvement in fulfillment cycle times and customer support for our clients. Look for partners, such as PMA Fulfillment, that can provide this level of real-time access, full transparency and reporting to improve the value provided by your fulfillment process.