Order Fulfillment Made Easy With New Shopify Integration

Posted on September 10, 2015 by

Shopfy and PMA FulfillmentShopify is one of the fastest growing online e-commerce platforms. They make the building of an online store simple to where you can be selling in a matter of minutes.   Shopify has opened up their technology platform and partner program to a few select warehouse and fulfillment partners.  We’re excited that PMA Fulfillment is an integrated option inside of their offering.

Creating this simple integration with a select number of fulfillment partners makes a ton of sense for Shopify. They want their sellers to focus on their selling success, not on the storage and shipping of their products. They have selected partners based upon their ability to support a variety of sellers from small online-only merchants to very large multi-channel organizations.

We believe that PMA fits well into their eco-system because of our long-term track record of performance, our tested proprietary integration and experience with direct sellers and multi-channel organizations.

  • We’ve been in business for over thirty years with customers across the globe. Our bi-coastal organization provides a compelling distribution advantage for many sellers.
  • We created our propriety fulfillment data integration, PMA integrated Management Agent (PiMA), to be flexible enough to support any ERP, CRM or e-commerce platform. While our Shopify integration works out of the box, we can customize for about any environment.
  • We aren’t only focused on only one channel of fulfillment. While some fulfillment organizations are uniquely designed for e-commerce, we find many sellers are looking for long-term support across multiple channels. Even if they start with only online sales, they tend to expand through retail or other distribution networks.

So what’s next for you if you are looking for help optimizing your fulfillment with your Shopify platform? Give us a call or click to contact us. We’ll spend some time understanding your needs and then create a custom program to fit your exact requirements. After that, you’ll be back to driving your online sales and we’ll