Variable Cost Fulfillment Boosts Profits

A company will use our fulfillment services for a multitude of reasons such as improved service levels, reduced management overhead, ability to service different channels, our logistics expertise and the lowering of their costs.  When it comes to the lowering of costs, many times there isn’t a discussion of how the principle of “variable costs”… Read more »

Fulfillment is a Two-Way Street to Client Satisfaction

This recent article in on customer service and fulfillment really jumped out at me because of some recent client meetings.  While we are likely a bit biased, it is amazing how often the last leg of the client purchase is not considered as part of the overall buyer’s experience.  As the article author notes,… Read more »

Save Money and Customers with Bi-Coastal Shipping

The recent winter storms have created havoc for both companies and consumers.  The Northeast, especially the Boston area, has been hammered with snowfall and the South has experience some devastating ice storms.  We we act as if this is unexpected.  The reality is that foul winter weather in the East Coast, Midwest and even the… Read more »

Is it Time to Review Your Product Fulfillment Options?

Amazon’s recent price increase announcement has many sellers looking for new potential fulfillment warehouse outsource companies to reduce the cost impact to their buyers.  This announcement may be a good time for your organization to consider other options, even if your volumes through Amazon aren’t significant. A direct marketer client of ours in Arizona was using… Read more »

Shipping into Major Retailers and Distribution Partners

Hooray!  You just signed up the first major channel that can grow your business dramatically.  A few minutes after the celebration ends the reality of the impact to your operation begins to creep in.  One aspect that is quite different for traditional direct shippers is that these new channels have warehouse, shipping and logistics requirements… Read more »

Four Lessons for Fast-Growing Small Volume Shippers

Recently, a client was telling us about their organizational challenges as they grew from shipping a few hundred to tens of thousands of products a month. What a great problem to have, right? However, it was a great reminder to us of the fulfillment and overall business challenges many of our client’s experience during these… Read more »

Evaluating Outsourced Fulfillment Providers

Most companies continually evaluate new options to make their organization, products and services more competitive. A popular way to improve your productivity is to outsource or contract out internal services that are not core to the company’s overall value creation. In the last decade, outsourcing your fulfillment and warehouse operations has become extremely popular for small to… Read more »

Dynamic Changes to Pick, Pack and Ship Activities for many Businesses

Gone are the days of predictable shipping and warehouse activities for your business.  Many U.S. companies have moved to selling via multiple channels to grow their revenues and to broaden their appeal to new prospects.  These sales channel options can dramatically impact your fulfillment operations since complexity is introduced as you move between supporting a… Read more »