How The Internet of Things Is Changing Logistics

You can control the lights in your house with your phone. You can have your garage door open automatically when you pull into your driveway. Your thermostat can know when you’ve left for work. Welcome to the Internet of Things, an ever-growing network of software-connected, physical objects that collects, sends, and learns from data. The Internet… Read more »

Import Challenges Impact your Fulfillment Performance

The news isn’t good for container deliveries into West Coast U.S. ports. Based upon recent reports, many U.S. destination shipments are being moved to Vancouver, Canada, which will likely impact delivery schedules and costs.  These import volumes are up over 20% in Vancouver alone, reflecting clients concerns over the extended labor issues with U.S. union workers. Planning… Read more »

Increased Shipping Costs Impact Canadian Shippers

We have been hearing from our Canadian clients recently about the impact of high shipping costs on their competitiveness. As noted in a recent article from the Globe and Mail, the base costs are increasing and the buyers within Canada and south of the border are expecting to pay little to nothing for delivery. This… Read more »

Mitigate Impact of Unplanned Events to your Fulfillment Activities

The recent arrival of hurricane season and Hurricane Arthur brings to mind the problems that large weather events can have on a business and its ability to service its customers.  These events can force a delay or even shutdown many of the business’s operations; this can be especially hard on the fulfillment activities within an organization. The ability… Read more »

Outsourced Fulfillment Option Improves Bottom Line

There has been plenty of talk and news coverage about companies moving out of high tax and high regulation states such as Illinois and California. While the drive to improve the bottom-line with a move to another state may make sense in some limited cases, we believe most businesses would be better served to analyze the potential for… Read more »

Small Business: Dealing with Rapid Growth

Growth is a challenge for any business; however, it can put an even larger strain on small businesses. A major area that can be affected by growth is warehousing. How much space do you need? After all you don’t want to pay for storage space that you aren’t using. Your business process can become even more complicated… Read more »

Comprehensive Integration

Managing a business is a complex undertaking. This is especially true in a rapidly-developing world, in which demand can fluctuate significantly, technology has become the heart of the consumer experience, and data analytics have become the key to managing effective processes. With these aspects being the backdrop for modern economy, it is critical that businesses… Read more »

Fostering Flexible Fulfillment

Customer demand and expectations are at an all time high. This can put a strain on your supply chain process; and can put any necessary improvements to the process on the back burner. As more products are offered and purchased the more of a need you have to improve your process. Are you equipped to accommodate?… Read more »

Managing Ecommerce Fulfillment

In a tech-driven society, ecommerce is rapidly becoming the way to do business. Growth in the ecommerce sector is driven by convenience and growing fulfillment capabilities. Consumers can shop around online finding the deals and products that suit their needs, and place an order in minutes. With the ease of selecting and purchasing online, comes the anticipation… Read more »

DIET – Why Your Business Needs One Now

It’s that time again; New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to make your yearly resolution and stick with it!  If you are like 80% of America, somewhere in that thought process is the perennial –DIET. This year though let’s think about this differently; does your business need a diet?  Is it bloated, slow, not performing optimally? … Read more »