What is the Cloud Based Fulfillment?

Popularized in the information technology fields, “Cloud™” is a handy way of letting someone with more resources, skills and scale handle parts of your business.  It used to be that businesses all had servers in a closet or under a desk that ran their business, from applications to email, to file sharing.  As the IT… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Time

Time is a vastly valuable commodity. We all only get twenty-four hours a day, and how we spend that time determines our productivity. In a business context, time is a precious resource that must be allocated correctly to maximize returns. Do you spend your time on functions of your business best handled by someone else? What’s… Read more »

The Challenges of Selling in Multiple Channels

Each day small businesses are faced with many challenges; from budgets, to systems and processes, small businesses are expected to deliver. One of the challenges that small businesses face is the ability to effectively sell in multiple channels. Ecommerce has revolutionized the ways people view companies, and has redefined the methods needed to effectively reach… Read more »

Scaling Down > Scaling up: Why Scaling Down Makes Sense Today

In a volatile economic climate, businesses often struggle with managing processes as erratic demand causes uncertainty about the future, and highlights issues regarding managing expenses. During volatile periods, demand can suddenly spike or drop, leaving companies to handle complex business scenarios that lead to pressing questions: Can we handle fixed costs in the current environment? What…

New Ways to Manage Spending: Utilizing 3PLs in the Face of Minimum Wage Increases

Dictates regarding business practices can have a significant impact on company processes. Particularly when dealing with employee payment and conditions, government mandates can take a toll on a company’s infrastructure and capabilities. Often, financial dictates are embraced overtime, but can cause upheaval as businesses struggle to restructure under new constraints. One such area is the… Read more »

Reduce Employee Costs and Increase Financial Flexibility

Small and medium size businesses are fighting a daily battle. They are fighting the tough economy, unpredictable revenue streams, and the all too predictable and unfortunate fixed costs that their revenues may or may not cover. Smaller organizations are constantly worrying about whether they can meet the demands of tomorrow, and are looking for innovative ways… Read more »

New Business Environments, New Business Processes

The recession of 2008 and subsequent years has altered industry in the United States and around the world. Gone are the booming 90s, the early 2000s tech rush, and the confidence that companies will continue to grow at an unfettered pace. Companies have a new reality now, fraught with all of the pitfalls of high volatility,… Read more »

FREE Shipping

Forrester Research recently reported the number one reason for shopping cart abandonment is high shipping and handling costs. Merchants, including Amazon and Walmart, are responding to this customer feedback by increasingly offering FREE shipping. Industry experts expect the trend to continue in 2014. Making matter worse, transportation costs for TL, LTL and Parcel are increasing… Read more »