Direct Response Post Sale Customer Service

Congratulations!  You have the greatest new idea in Direct Response, your site is up and your affiliate marketing team is fired up and chomping at the bit to push out your campaign. What could stop you now? Maybe nothing, but this is a good time to think about your back-end support.  Surprisingly, one of the… Read more »

How to Choose a Fulfillment Company

There are many fulfillment houses out there to choose from, with many different specialties. How do you choose the best one for you?  Is there a comprehensive list available so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel? Yes!  Many fulfillment houses specialize in various industries.  For example, they may specialize in mail, distribution, freight forwarding,… Read more »

PMA Gets Synergy

PMA Fulfillment has selected Synergy Sales and Marketing as their sales and marketing partner. Synergy builds sales teams for their clients and develops marketing programs that make sales happen, including establishing the client’s web poresence in a manner that continuously attracts the right prospects to their business. “I am excited about the opportunity to implement a professional… Read more »

Discover Your Hidden Profits!

Not long ago, business success was judged by the strength of your balance sheet. But we have all learned through the recent economic crisis that it is not what you make, it’s what you keep that counts. It’s not a revelation that variable costs are better than fixed costs. But … you may be surprised… Read more »

Green Shipping

 Greener Shipping!  Doing business in a more thoughtful and responsible manner that respects our environment as well as your bottom line and ours. PMA CARES is a Company Acting Responsibly for the Environment & Sustainability Make all of your packages CARE packages with PMA. Carbon Neutral – Sustainable Packaging – Committed Management Facility Green Operations – At PMA, everything is considered in terms of its… Read more »

Price vs Cost

Legendary sales trainer and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar handled the price objection with this question: Well, sir, are you concerned about the price, or are you concerned about the cost? Zig would appropriately pause and watch the puzzled look on the face of his prospect. Regardless of their answer, Zig would encourage them to understand… Read more »