Simple Pricing.

You don’t hear that very often in the logistics and fulfillment world. PMA built our reputation on a foundation of creating programs to fit our client’s needs with simple and clear options that detail exactly what will be charged for our services. Pay for services you need,
when you need them. SIMPLE

PMA Fulfillment

“PMA Fulfillment has streamlined our fulfillment process – cutting our time spent in half. Their variety of reporting tools are both easy to use and extremely useful. We are also getting a great discount on some international rates, which we were not getting previously.”
~ Robbie, Lotus Wei

PRICING. Fulfillment is more than just being about a low cost. Your brand and overall customer experience are enhanced by your ability to deliver quickly and with quality. Our pricing model takes into account that we want to enhance your reputation and give your time and resources back so that you can focus on adding value to your products and services.

PMA Fulfillment

“PMA was able to provide a pricing structure that allowed for my warehousing costs to fluctuate with my sales cycles. Instead of having a fixed overhead that was unnecessary during slow seasons, PMA’s outsourced solution helps us save money”
~ Michael Mc Devitt, Element 21 Sports Company

Yes, SIMPLE PRICING from PMA can lead you to grow your business and your bottom line.

Let us discuss your requirements and build a simple model to support you.