B2B Specialty manufacturer

Success Story:

A large specialty manufacturer of private-label vitamins and supplements has been producing and shipping product to thousands of retailers and specialty shops for over 20 years. Their business has grown dramatically over the last two decades while they created a diversified family of products.


The client owned and managed all of their warehouses, support systems and personnel. The high cost and regulation overhead of running a business in California created a directive for a management review of options to reduce these growing costs, without impacting their clients.

  • Demand for real-time order management of all orders via the client’s system.
  • Ability to inventory and manage the special storage requirements for many of their products.
  • Need to “kit” some of their products during the order fulfillment process.
  • Improve the quality of shipments to their customer without increasing their costs.


  • Full turn-key order processing with special pack/pick/ship process built for their supplement products.
  • Coordination with packaging experts to design a shipping approach that improved the delivery reliability standards while being consistent with their “Green Initiatives” to use recycled and recyclable shipping materials.
  • Leverage special support options for the high-demand of seasonal and promotional items.

Bottom Line:

The move of the client’s fulfillment activities to PMA has provided an immediate financial and execution impact to the operations of the business.

  • The client has articulated that the management team can spend more time focusing on the creation and marketing of their products, versus managing the order processing and fulfillment that previously took so much time.
  • The client has reduced their fixed costs while gaining more flexibility to react to market changes.


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