Nutraceutical Company

Success Story:

An established nutraceutical company with a respected weight loss supplement program that is sold directly to consumers. The client’s marketing program was oriented to radio and internet CPA sales and experienced significant growth requiring an analysis of their over-taxed support and fulfillment systems.

Improvements Needed:

  • Real-time access to inventory management reports
  • Improved order processing times
  • Pack and ship services to support order variation
  • Outsourced customer service phone and email support
  • Complete returns processing and reporting


  • The client required a custom solution to provide their customer’s enhanced fulfillment services while increasing management’s visibility to better manage their inventory.
  • Deliver a predictable lower cost structure while enhancing their customer service levels.


  • PMA receives inventory, inspects for damages, and prepares the product for shipping.
  • PMA receives orders from the Telesales center and their e-commerce-based CRM system via both batch and real-time order submission.
  • PMA processes all approved orders and improves the shipping delivery times on orders to consumers.
  • PMA provides full turn-key end-user telephone and email support to handle all product questions, order changes and auto-ship inquiries, cancelations and returns.
  • PMA provides a full suite of unique direct marketing reports for the client to manage their program and make adjustments as the dynamics of the program dictate.
  • PMA’s unique bundled pricing option provides a high degree of cost predictability, while keeping overhead to a minimum.

Bottom Line:

PMA delivered a suite of fulfillment services that is highly scalable and improves the delivery and support options available to their consumers. This solution dramatically reduced the client’s operational overhead while creating a predictable cost per shipment pricing model that helped them redirect capital to fuel the growth of their business.


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