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Arizona Entrepreneur Uses Arizona’s Fulfillment Center Leader

A recent article in the Phoenix Business Journal highlighted a local entrepreneur and how they are bringing a new product to market. It is clear from the interview with the CEO that keeping the supply chain activities within Arizona was an important aspect of their business plan. For many entrepreneurs they may not realize the… Read more »

Rising Logistics Cost Means Review Time

Recent articles on the economy are indicating the likelihood for increases in logistics costs for most organizations. According to a post on PYMNTS.com, this talk is turning into reality. Often we’re asked when the best time is for an organization to look to an outsourced fulfillment partner. Our answer is may surprise you; it is… Read more »

Make Your Fulfillment Personal

We believe that making your shipping and fulfillment activities personal is a major opportunity to provide value to your customers and to your organization.  While the lure of using technology to automate everything seems to win the news headlines, the opportunity to miss out on methods to improve your processes, optimize shipping channels and understand… Read more »

Fulfillment Warehouse Provides Returns with Variable Cost Model

We recently reviewed a client’s account that had engaged us to outsource their fulfillment warehouse activities.  The overall review was a great chance for us to tune their program and make sure we were delivering on the promises we made to their organization.  This annual review of their shipping volumes and expenses demonstrated the dramatic… Read more »

Arizona’s Fulfillment Businesses are Positioned for Growth

The strength of an industry is typically determined by many external factors. The pending Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership opens up trading to countries in the Pacific Rim that likely will have an influence on Arizona fulfillment companies. A recent article by Robert Robb in the Arizona Republic provides some excellent context for the impact of free… Read more »

Save Money and Customers with Bi-Coastal Shipping

The recent winter storms have created havoc for both companies and consumers.  The Northeast, especially the Boston area, has been hammered with snowfall and the South has experience some devastating ice storms.  We we act as if this is unexpected.  The reality is that foul winter weather in the East Coast, Midwest and even the… Read more »

Four Lessons for Fast-Growing Small Volume Shippers

Recently, a client was telling us about their organizational challenges as they grew from shipping a few hundred to tens of thousands of products a month. What a great problem to have, right? However, it was a great reminder to us of the fulfillment and overall business challenges many of our client’s experience during these… Read more »

Evaluating Outsourced Fulfillment Providers

Most companies continually evaluate new options to make their organization, products and services more competitive. A popular way to improve your productivity is to outsource or contract out internal services that are not core to the company’s overall value creation. In the last decade, outsourcing your fulfillment and warehouse operations has become extremely popular for small to… Read more »

Arizona’s PMA Fulfillment Expands

    PMA Fulfillment recently moved across town from their headquarters offices in Tempe to Tolleson, Arizona.  As an experienced Arizona-based fulfillment organization for over 30 years, PMA Fulfillment has seen dynamic growth in the number of customers and the types of services they provide.  Many of their clients have complex, multiple channel needs that… Read more »