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Treat Fulfillment Just Like Your Payroll

Today over 40% of all small to medium sized businesses outsource their payroll.  This evolution to payroll outsourcing has been occurring for the last few decades and most individuals immediately understand the value of making this transition for their business. We believe fulfillment is in the early stages of a very similar important migration –… Read more »

Magento Integration with Warehouse Order Fulfillment Center Services

Integrating a fulfillment center with your e-commerce website solution is a critical operational milestone for all successful online sellers. There are hundreds of online solutions for selling products but one of the most popular is Magento, as noted by Softpedia in their recent article. With close to 250,000 domains using Magento, PMA Fulfillment created a… Read more »

Fulfillment Simplified with PMA’s Shopify Integration

All businesses want to take advantage of the fast growth in e-commerce business volumes worldwide. Online selling is a channel that drives additional revenues and reaches new customers. The allure of a new way to sell with seemingly low costs seems like a simple decision. However, we caution clients from small start-ups to large multi-nationals… Read more »

Improve Your Shipment Quality

Part of your client’s overall product experience is when your product arrives at their home, office, warehouse or distribution facility. Any misstep can cost you in money, reputation and referrals. Many of the prospects we talk to have experienced very expensive mistakes and even lost customers because of fulfillment and shipping mistakes. How do you… Read more »

Variable Cost Fulfillment Boosts Profits

A company will use our fulfillment services for a multitude of reasons such as improved service levels, reduced management overhead, ability to service different channels, our logistics expertise and the lowering of their costs.  When it comes to the lowering of costs, many times there isn’t a discussion of how the principle of “variable costs”… Read more »

Fulfillment is a Two-Way Street to Client Satisfaction

This recent article in MultiChannelMerchant.com on customer service and fulfillment really jumped out at me because of some recent client meetings.  While we are likely a bit biased, it is amazing how often the last leg of the client purchase is not considered as part of the overall buyer’s experience.  As the article author notes,… Read more »

Is it Time to Review Your Product Fulfillment Options?

Amazon’s recent price increase announcement has many sellers looking for new potential fulfillment warehouse outsource companies to reduce the cost impact to their buyers.  This announcement may be a good time for your organization to consider other options, even if your volumes through Amazon aren’t significant. A direct marketer client of ours in Arizona was using… Read more »