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Fulfillment Simplified with PMA’s Shopify Integration

All businesses want to take advantage of the fast growth in e-commerce business volumes worldwide. Online selling is a channel that drives additional revenues and reaches new customers. The allure of a new way to sell with seemingly low costs seems like a simple decision. However, we caution clients from small start-ups to large multi-nationals… Read more »

Choosing the Right Fulfillment Warehouse Provider is about People

Recently, Bloomberg posted an article about the selection process for choosing a fulfillment partner. While we agree with much of what is documented in the slideshow/article, we think they really missed a key decision-making criterion we hear from our clients at PMA Fulfillment – it is all about the people. A few months ago, we… Read more »

Fulfillment is a Two-Way Street to Client Satisfaction

This recent article in MultiChannelMerchant.com on customer service and fulfillment really jumped out at me because of some recent client meetings.  While we are likely a bit biased, it is amazing how often the last leg of the client purchase is not considered as part of the overall buyer’s experience.  As the article author notes,… Read more »

Dynamic Changes to Pick, Pack and Ship Activities for many Businesses

Gone are the days of predictable shipping and warehouse activities for your business.  Many U.S. companies have moved to selling via multiple channels to grow their revenues and to broaden their appeal to new prospects.  These sales channel options can dramatically impact your fulfillment operations since complexity is introduced as you move between supporting a… Read more »

Arizona’s PMA Fulfillment Expands

    PMA Fulfillment recently moved across town from their headquarters offices in Tempe to Tolleson, Arizona.  As an experienced Arizona-based fulfillment organization for over 30 years, PMA Fulfillment has seen dynamic growth in the number of customers and the types of services they provide.  Many of their clients have complex, multiple channel needs that… Read more »