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Enhanced Your Fulfillment Services with Targeted Customers

If you’ve ever met with a marketing person they continually talk about target customers, target profiles and target segments. This is all about matching their marketing messages and campaigns with the type of individuals that are likely to buy their products. Should you target fulfillment and warehouse locations with your clients, we think you should… Read more »

Make Your Fulfillment Personal

We believe that making your shipping and fulfillment activities personal is a major opportunity to provide value to your customers and to your organization.  While the lure of using technology to automate everything seems to win the news headlines, the opportunity to miss out on methods to improve your processes, optimize shipping channels and understand… Read more »

Choosing the Right Fulfillment Warehouse Provider is about People

Recently, Bloomberg posted an article about the selection process for choosing a fulfillment partner. While we agree with much of what is documented in the slideshow/article, we think they really missed a key decision-making criterion we hear from our clients at PMA Fulfillment – it is all about the people. A few months ago, we… Read more »

Fulfillment Warehouse Provides Returns with Variable Cost Model

We recently reviewed a client’s account that had engaged us to outsource their fulfillment warehouse activities.  The overall review was a great chance for us to tune their program and make sure we were delivering on the promises we made to their organization.  This annual review of their shipping volumes and expenses demonstrated the dramatic… Read more »

Improve Your Shipment Quality

Part of your client’s overall product experience is when your product arrives at their home, office, warehouse or distribution facility. Any misstep can cost you in money, reputation and referrals. Many of the prospects we talk to have experienced very expensive mistakes and even lost customers because of fulfillment and shipping mistakes. How do you… Read more »

Data Integration Benefits with a Fulfillment Partner

Creating a seamless operation with outsourced partners is critical to your long-term success. The opportunity to integrate data systems with a quality third-party warehouse and shipping company may be the determining factor in realizing anticipated service level improvements and expense reductions. The good news is that this may not be nearly as complicated as you… Read more »

Variable Cost Fulfillment Boosts Profits

A company will use our fulfillment services for a multitude of reasons such as improved service levels, reduced management overhead, ability to service different channels, our logistics expertise and the lowering of their costs.  When it comes to the lowering of costs, many times there isn’t a discussion of how the principle of “variable costs”… Read more »

Save Money and Customers with Bi-Coastal Shipping

The recent winter storms have created havoc for both companies and consumers.  The Northeast, especially the Boston area, has been hammered with snowfall and the South has experience some devastating ice storms.  We we act as if this is unexpected.  The reality is that foul winter weather in the East Coast, Midwest and even the… Read more »