PMA Fulfillment has been serving clients for over thirty years throughout North America and overseas. Our operations have evolved to support the complex needs of international companies with multi-channel sales strategies. We’ve developed our people, processes and systems to provide a transparent and highly effective outsourced operation to facilitate your organization’s success, all with our unique personal touch.



We’re built to service the unique needs of your business and distribution partners.


B2C – e-Commerce Fulfillment

E-commerce solutions delivered with a personal touch, let us tell you why.


B2C – DTC Direct Marketing Bundle

Simple solutions to customized high volume one-time events is where we shine.


Program Management

Every PMA program is managed by our Hypercare quality process and a dedicated account manager. If you want to be just an email address, account ID or phone a big call center, we’re not your partner.


Inventory Management

We’ll manage your inventory and provide real-time reporting to make sure we’re ready to support your needs.


Data Integration

Flexible, transparent and reliable integration for every client


Scalable Fulfillment Solutions

We’ve designed our systems and process to scale dramatically in a matter of minutes, discover how we do it.


Pricing that makes sense

Customized pricing solutions for your needs with no hidden fees. That’s how we do it.


Green Shipping

Your customers care, you care. Show them with packaging options that reduce the impact on our environment.


Customize Your Shipping Experience

We recognize that every customer has unique needs. We anticipate and encourage those discussions so we can make sure we serve your business, not so it serves ours.

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