Carbon Neutral – Sustainable Packaging – Committed Management Facility

Green Operations – At PMA, everything is considered in terms of its sustainability and environmental impact, from our Carbon Neutral equipment to recycling and paperless office. PMA’s internal operations are mindful and respectful to the planet.

Green Facility – PMA has conducted energy audits which impact all our equipment decisions from warehouse lighting to room occupancy sensors and choice of fixtures . Each improvement helps PMA become a greener facility.

Green Packaging Choices – All materials from the tape PMA uses to the recyclable, biodegradable bubble mailers, and recycled paper fill, allow our clients and your customers to make eco-friendly choices. As your shipping partner, you can take advantage of our scale to make green shipping an economically sound way of doing business.

Green Shipping – PMA integrates GreenShipping.com’s state-of-the-art tracking and offset system to provide transparency to your customers about their personal investment in renewal energy and tree planting. Offering this service to your clients is easy with PMA Care and costs only pennies per shipment.
Green Marketing – We collaborate with you to help you communicate to your clients the importance of all of us choosing green options together. We provide you with copy for your website and marketing materials which describes your commitment to green product delivery.


PMA CARES is more than just a “Green” shipping alternative for our eco-friendly clients. PMA CARES is PMA’s challenge to change the way we all do business. We are making a concerted effort to conduct our business and its operations in a manner that is more responsible for our environment. More sustainable. PMA CARES is our commitment to ourselves, to YOU, and to our environment. It’s a new way of thinking and doing—a new order. It’s a way of doing business in a more thoughtful and responsible manner that respects our environment as well as your bottom line and ours.


We promise that our transition to a better, more responsible/sustainable company will have NO bottom line affect on those clients who do not engage us for services related to this initiative.


Our entire motivation is to ultimately offer the best pricing, service and responsibility to our community, country and planet. Now, we don’t expect for this transition to make us completely green overnight.

  • We learn, strategize, and adapt.
  • We understand that new technologies, systems, principles and sustainable financial practices are coming to light every day.
  • We recognize this to be a marathon, not a sprint.
  • We try new things and integrate them.
  • We are committed to change; to figuring it out.
  • We know we will never be perfect, but perfectly optimistic, honest, open and responsible.
  • We are committed to making this work for everyone’s bottom line – ours and yours.
  • We have made a promise to recognize many of these internal green initiatives as an investment in our business; reaping the rewards – environmental and financial – down the road and thereby passing those rewards on to you.
  • As such, we promise to NEVER pass a single cost of that “up-front” investment on to our clients.