Lloyd Barger, OwnerSHIP

The key to scalability to most businesses is information handling, management and the ability to refine the details while creating the big picture. Lloyd leverages his many years as a senior executive with DHL, the largest shipping and logistics company in the world, where he managed IT Operations for their European division. Responsible for integrating operations and data for dozens of companies, Lloyd knows that high level integration is key to seamless business functionality and he has brought that vision to PMA. He is redefining Outsourcing and 3PL by applying his experience and determination to create the best integration possible with his client’s IT management, making our client’s inventory management and shipping operations as relentlessly efficient as possible. Years with another global giant, IBM, also contributes to his ability to understand information management and technologies. For PMA’s client partners, Lloyd brings both a valued perspective to share with our clients as well as real experience in “Making Ship Happen”. Let us help you grow your business with excellence in IT integration and operational management excellence. Lloyd embraces his OwnerSHIP responsibilities with grace, intelligence and a great deal of kindness. As owner and executive director of PMA, his job depends on strong LeaderSHIP.

Karen Sheriff, Human Resources Director, MotherSHIP

With a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from San Francisco State University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California-San Diego, MentorSHIP, ControllershipSHIP, or InstructorSHIP may come to mind. However, we settled on MotherSHIP as a great title for Karen. With Karen’s hiring and management expertise, PMA has available a wide array of staffing options from seasonal to sudden when your company’s marketing campaign is off the charts. We can handle your SHIP with Karen’s ability to attract the right team members. Karen held the position of Human Resources Generalist at one of DHL’s largest US gateway warehouses in Los Angeles, was a contract recruiter for an Austrian company, as well as managed recruiting needs for her own very successful accounts. Also while in Europe, Karen set up a centralized recruitment function for Honeywell Corp.’s four divisions in the Czech Republic. Outside the corporate model, Karen hired her own team, built the processes, and placed nearly 800 people in positions at Honeywell in only 9 months. Karen helps our clients maximize their use of our facility and staffing; i.e., with light assembly, kitting, packaging and more. She is the mother of a precious 3-year old who keeps her on her toes! That’s MotherSHIP in action.

Bill Floyd, General Manager

With over 21 years of packaging and fulfillment experience ranging in industries such as food, health and beauty, electronics, mobile applications, and non-profit sector, Bill brings a wealth of supply chain experience from a variety of different markets. He has a strong background in implementing systems and processes that drive efficiencies and empowers a team to make more informed decisions. Bill graduated from the University of the Pacific in Communications. His strong communication skills, specifically interpersonal skills, has enabled him to build top performing teams in multiple organizations that consistently strengthen client RelationSHIP. He has spent a portion of his career with Bell-Carter Foods, the world’s largest olive producer, where he was successful in strengthening all customer PartnerSHIPs and specifically expanding operations into multi-state sites for a Fortune 50 food company. Through strategic planning, tactical execution and passion for streamlining operations, he brings to PMA team the same experience to help drive the next chapter of growth for the company.

Throughout Bill’s career, he has always taken a unique visionary and strategic LeaderSHIP approach to successfully implement a “Win-Win” CopartnerSHIP with clients, company key stakeholders, team members, and community. The ability to focus on bottom line performance and driving profitable results will help all PMA clients achieve unlimited success in taking their product to the B2B and B2C markets.

Bill and his family resides in the Phoenix area. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, volunteering on non-profit boards while supporting multiple community organizations, and always enjoys a great skiing adventure!